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The Forests - Himmelwald

The Forest is where life began, and is where it shall end. So says the teachings of the Himmelwald, an obscure religion originating in Germanic Europe. Their view of life after death is a forest, The Forest. When one dies, their soul finds its way into the Forest, where it remains for the rest of time in eternal joy, assuming they did not lose that chance in life. Geographically, the Forest is endless. Most areas, to the human eye, are at normal scale. As one moves to different parts of the forest, however, the size of trees can grow to that of mountains, or shrink to about one third normal size. This is not a sudden change, but a slow progression over distance.

Many supernal creatures live within the Forest. Chief among them are Wisent and Barin, the closest thing to gods in this domain. Wisent is an ancient bison, ruling over the peaceful and plentiful areas of the Forest. Barin is his chief rival, a grim bear, master of the darker and more treacherous domains. Besides them, animals of all types exist in both regions. Personality can vary in all, and it is not unknown for a creature from Barin's realm to relocate into Wisent's, and vice versa. Humans in the Forest are perfectly able to communicate with any creatures encountered.

As mentioned, mankind is welcomed by Wisent by virtue of birth, as all life is, but if your life is spent in spite, treating others without care, treating yourself as superior, or any "lifeless" way, you may be drawn into Barin's grasp, with little chance of finding your way out of his dangerous lands. Death may not be the only way into the Forest, however. It is said that in any sufficiently large forest, one has a chance to seamlessly move into a section the Forest without knowing. They may never find their way home, though depending on where they have appeared, they may continue to live a good life. Stories of the opposite happening, someone who died finding their way back into a mundane forest, are much rarer, though not unheard of.

There is very little ritual to the Himmelwald faith. The only one that does not seem to be specific to certain towns, families, or tribes is the Life Tree. The Life Tree is any tree on your property that you designate as such. Having this tree is a necessary symbol. You are not restricted to only having one tree, in fact it is encouraged to keep as many as you would like, but only one may be your Life Tree. Once a year, at the first sign of life in the tree after winter (or on the Vernal Equinox, if your tree is an evergreen), you are called to symbolically water the tree, a show of renewing the tree, and in turn your own life. You would take a small container of water to the tree, and wet your hands in it. Then, you would draw a triangle on the trunk of the tree, around chest height, one line at a time. After each line, you wet your hand again. Do this once with each hand, in the same location. Any left over water is generally poured over the base of the tree. This triangle is the primary symbol of Himmelwald, the symbol of the Forest, representative of a tall tree.

Historians are divided on the origins of Himmelwald. There are two main camps of thought on the matter, Nativism and the Christian Origin Theory. Nativism is simple, saying that Himmelwald evolved as a religion of its own, alongside many other "barbaric" European religions. The CO Theory is much less believed, but states that Himmelwald evolved out of a Christian sect near the Baltic sea sometime between 500 and 1000 AD. The lack of written documentation on the religion makes any theory difficult to prove, but the only evidence COT followers have is purely speculation, relating the triangular symbol of the Forest as a representation of the Holy Trinity, comparing Wisent and Barin to God and Satan figures, a handful of carvings depicting Wisent bearing the triequetra, and a single, fragmented story of a man who fell into Barin's realm in life, but managed to find his way back to Earth after three days of searching. Many of these could easily be coincidence, and opposition specifically points to historical evidence of the triquetra being used in pagan religions of the area as well, even specifically a version of straight edged triangles, the Valknut, being a symbol associated with Odin.


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Beyond Onix city lie the Endless Wastes. Sand as far as the eye can see. When you get past the nomads and dune riders, you may find the kingdoms of the djinn lords. Three kingdoms, allies of old, now at odds with each other. The Sand Kingdom, largest and strongest of the three, worshippers of the Djinn of Earth. The Wind Kingdom, the middle kingdom, flying on the wind, worshippers of the Djinn of Air. And The Storm Kingdom, the smallest of the three, barely more than a single small city, most of this kingdom is in ruins. The storms are so rare in the deserts, but they tell of a time when their Djinn of Lightning brought them rains a plenty, back when The Storm Kingdom spread across the entire wastes.


SavagePunk is my newest idea of an Alternate Pokemon World. Think brutal low-magic fantasy. kinda like Hyborian Age things, except I've never read/seen Conan the Barbarian. I did play a short trial of the Age of Conan MMO, however.

Big Pokemon, Low tech.

No Magnemite, nor Rotom. Voltrob is a pokemon I'm on the fence about.

Koffing would have some form of modified symbol on its chest, less obviously skull and crossbone, though still close enough to be seen as such if you squint. Or something. Grimer exists primarily in swamps, but has moved in on areas near them that have especially poor waste management (As in, piles of it sitting around town).

Sometimes I like to write things

 Have you ever heard the phrase "girl of my dreams?" Of course you have, everyone has. It's a lie, though.. You meet a girl, you like everything about her, and you say you had dreamed about her and everything she is until the day you met. But you didn't. It's all retrospect. 

But me? I did. I saw the girl of my dreams, and I fell in love.

Dream, rather. There was only the one. It was a beautiful dream, one that I'll always half remember, as you always do with the most wonderful of dreams. A dance. A book. A dash so I won't be late. And her, my princess, with me as her favorite attendant. No one ever said she was royalty, maybe she wasn't, she simply deserved that respect. The people delighted to see us together. When I would enter the room, taking my place among the attendant line, they would point and comment on what a good fellow I was, and how close she would stay to me. Quick to answer her call, ever willing to do her bidding. Not for the pay, if there was any, but for her benefit. 

There's little more that I can remember. Her beauty, even, is just a glimmer in my mind, her face a blur among the lights of the hall. The smile, though, that beautiful red smile. A twirl of that elaborate burgundy dress. The flowing dark blonde hair. And her lips. Those soft, warm lips. When I close my eyes, I can still feel them against mine, and the delicate touch of her hand on my cheek. 

It was love unlike any I had felt. I lived with a woman for four years during and after college, some of the most amazing memories of my life were with her, and I never loved her as I love this dream girl. 

Now every day is a chore, simply waiting for night to come again. My roommate thinks I've lost my mind. My colleague thinks I've taken up drugs. Neither of them understand that it's only love. Every night is a quest. I have been through trials and wars, encountered beasts and alien horrors unlike any science could begin to imagine.

All to see her again, to find the girl with my heart, and give her everything she desires. 

Or just to know her name.


I offered you a minecraft server, and I plan on going through with that. I have the computer for it and everything, but I am missing two very important things. Well, one for sure, maybe two.

The one I really need is a wireless card. Or USB thing to connect to wireless. SOMETHING to get the computer on the internet.

The second is... a power cable. I could've sworn I had one, but I just can't find it. I am still looking.

If you have either or both of these to donate, it would be appreciated, or if we all want to chip in a couple dollars to order a part *shrug*

Frisbee Festival Games

Remember that Frisbee Chess game from back in... October? Well, like I said then, part of my final is to make another game. I made a couple. Let me introduce you to...

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Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a feasible means of doing "quarterstaff contests." Hunting and Hawking/Falconry gave me a few ideas, but I don't think my teacher would appreciate my razor-sharp frisbee plans.